Purpose of FELWORLD

Connecting the fashion, entertainment & lifestyle fraternity for its professional needs through easy & cordial medium of social & business networking globally sans the barriers of language & physical borders.

The profiles of our registered users will be visible to the public & connections to their account depending upon the privacy settings of the registered users with us. For example: the registered users can hide their pictures, videos, public posts & connections etc. Only registered users of Felworld can send the connection requests & messages to the other users.

Freedom to share & interact:

The users at Felworld have all the freedom to share their desired information with the other reregistered users, such as individuals, groups or organizations with the mutual consent. The users shall be able to connect interact/ for absolutely free & share the information. The individual users, companies & business groups can create their pages to interact with their perspective consumers, customers, clients, friends & followers through the diverse features of Felworld such as personalized messages, chat, comments & posts. Basically, Felworld is a magic box with the freedom of mobility & choice, which can be used anytime & anywhere.

Privacy Policy of Felworld:

The privacy policy elaborates about the collection, use & sharing of the user information on usage of the services of Felworld by user.

The information submitted by user while registering at our website www.felworld.com Such as name, user name, small introduction etc. shall be shown & public to the other users. The user’s profile will be visible to other users but they can only connect if they are the registered users of Felworld & the registered user consents & acknowledge the connection request from other user. The information submitted by user shall be the sole responsibility of the user only , in case the user shares its password with others or the account of the user gets hacked & the personal information of user gets manipulated.

Felworld assures the privacy of the account customized by the users, nurturing the trust of its users by providing them the best that they want to hide or show. While using our services the user consents collection, storage & transfer of the user information within the lead of Felworld.

The user will be at ease to customize the information submitted to an extent to disclose or hide. For example: the user can disclose its pictures, videos & posts & the same can be kept in the hidden mode.

Deletion and deactivation of account by user:

If user deactivates its account “the account gets in dormancy stage’ that means other users shall be unable to see your profile & it will not show in search but only the listing of your profile will appear in your connections (friends list) during your deactivation period.. Deactivation of the account to dormancy means the account could be re-activated by the user in future at any time.

Deletion of the account by user would result in permanent removal of user account from Felworld.com It is always suggested that the user should only delete the account in extreme case when the user never want to reactivate the same in future.

Controlling your post:

The users have all the control to select to share the post or customize it to its perspective receiver. For example: If user wants to show the post to all then option ‘public” shall be selected. If the user is willing to share the post with connections (friends) then the option ‘connections” shall be selected.

The user can customize the post by selecting the option ‘custom” if intended to share with the specific from connections list.

Also the user have control to share the information already posted from connections> public>custom (connections from friends list). The user will be at liberty to hide its profile from its chosen of connections.

Privacy of User Information:

We do not share your profile/account information with any one individual or entity unless it is asked under the provisions of law & legalities of the country/area where Felworld operates.

The obscene & vulgar stuff such as post, pictures & videos shall be always under the surveillance & scrutiny of the Felworld & the same shall be removed without any prior information to the user in case of any complain or litigation against the same.