Google celebrates Clara Rockmore's 105th birthday with interactive doodle

New York, March 9 : Popular internet search engine Google on Wednesday decorated its homepage with a doodle celebrating Lithuanian virtuoso performer of the theremin Clara Rockmore's 105th birthday.

The animated doodle gives an oppurtunity to netizens to learn and play  right notes by hovering the cursor over the notes.

Born on Mar 9, 1911, Clara  was a child prodigy on the violin and entered the Saint Petersburg Conservatory at the age of five. She remains to this day the youngest student ever to be admitted to the institution.

She studied violin under the virtuoso Leopold Auer. Unfortunately, bone problems due to childhood malnutrition forced her to abandon violin performance past her teen years.

That, however, led her to discover the newborn electronic instrument the theremin, and become perhaps its most renowned player.

Google on its website said: "Today's interactive Google Doodle was created by artist Robinson Wood, interaction designer Kevin Burke, and engineers Will Knowles and Kris Hom (with support from the larger Doodle engineering team)."

The team translated the movement used to play the theremin—one hand controlling pitch and the other volume—to an interactive module, where a point of light controls volume and pitch. Sound designer Manuel Clément helped with the button sound effects, it said.


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