Swaraaj Kapoor, demonstrates that hard work is enough for a man to turn his maybes into reality

 The brain behind the high-profile, swanky restaurant "House of Mirabella". Restaurateurs are generally a likeable bunch—flamboyant, well-travelled and smooth-talking. Swaraaj Kapoor , is no different. Starting out as the young budding entrepreneur, he is now the owner and brain behind one of the most famous place for Mumbai dwellers "The House of Mirabella" name after his beloved mother's name Meera (Mira) Upadaya.

Anyone remotely interested in fine living and dining in India will have heard of Swaraj Kapoor.  He has steadily led the gastronomic revolution that has swept the country. His restaurants in Mumbai are as beloved for their cuisine as for their indefinable aura of chic comfort and camaraderie.

Hailing From the fusion of Kapoor family s/o Man Mohan Kapoor (Publicist) s/o Gurdaas Kapoor & Sons. (Barrister), Swaraaj Kapoor started working in import and export of Iron ore before starting with the hospitality business. He began his journey in entertainment industry a decade and a half back under mentorship of Mr. Jhamu Sughand- the maker of Dil De Chuke Sanam, Lagaan, and various leading films of his times. With an up-close stint in the film industry behind & in-front of the camera with a movie titled ‘System’ which ended suddenly with the demise of his Mentor in 2008, after which Swaraaj went on to explore other creative avenues to create business plan on independent values.

In 2009, Swaraaj Kapoor launched the much praised hot spot in Bandra- " The Elbo Room"  which exudes a strong resembles to a traditional Irish or British pub "one of its kind spots in Mumbai" . In 2013, Swaraaj ambitiously spearheaded his own company with the help of Mr. Sudeep Goyal to setup and dive into the world of Fashion apparel by giving consultancy & investment in PC Globe. The same year saw the launch of another Restaurant / Lounge called “He Said – She Said” in Mumbai, with Harsh / K.T. / & Kartik. 

The fusion of entertainment and lifestyle lead Swaraaj back to his original passion of creativity and cinema touching subjects which strike a chord with broad aspects of social life, giving him a platform to feed the NGO work & social causes run by the vision of his mother and sister.

July 2015 Swaraaj Kapoor, introduced Mumbai to his new venture "Mirabella Bar & Kitchen". Thereafter, only after 4 months Swaraaj launched another restaurant in the same building called "Khaleesi" with a beautiful design so unique that it is often full rented for private parties. In December 2016 after the joinment of Farzan Athari, Mirabella Group was created. Within the same month a re-branding was made and the The House of Mirabella was created with 3 new venues, Shot Bar, Mirabella Café and The Terrace in the same building. Today, The House of Mirabella is among the top hotspots that add just enough embellishments for a sliver of uniqueness while sticking to a formula that has made the location "the most talked about happening place" in town.

Swaraaj Kapoor's sterling reputation as an expert entrepreneur is matched only by the enormous warmth and goodwill his name generates among the country's food-loving elite

A multi facet company "Mirabella Group" which is into Hospitality, Entertainment and Clothing & Lifestyle aims to expand their endeavors with the launch of new companies in the near future.


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