Farzan athari- managing director mirabella group

"If you don't believe in yourself, No one else will" If confidence is the buzzword today, Farzan Athari who holds a global background of working 12 years in the Fashion & Entertainment industry in 23 different countries with a 3 years of entrepreneurial success in Dubai is definitely in tune with the times.

Blame his suave looks, appealing personality or his experience, December 2015 Farzan Athari an old time and good family friend of Swaraaj Kapoor was invited to join Mirabella Bar & Kitchen. From the inception, Swaraaj Kapoor and Farzan Athari had the same vision regarding the future and all potential opportunities they could create together with each other’s strength.

The two pioneers in their respective fields of work saw the bigger picture and created Mirabella Group and Swaraaj Kapoor as the owner and founder of Mirabella Group appointed Farzan Athari as the Managing Director of the group. 

Burning the midnight oil to ensure the success of Mirabella Group, within the first couple of weeks Farzan Athari- Managing Director of the group spined his magic & transformed the Mirabella Bar & Kitchen and Khalessi into "The House of Mirabella" & introduced five brands in one place in order to capture different moods of the guests- Mirabella Lounge, The Shot Bar, Mirabella Café, Khaleesi and TheTerrace which were placed under Mirabella Group & now they are the parent company of all the current and previous companies of Swaraaj Kapoor.

Already while in the progress of expanding the Mirabella Hospitality industry, Swaraaj Kapoor and Farzan Athari has partnered up with Panchali Chakraverty to start Mirabella Talents & Films under Mirabella Entertainment.


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