Blue Eyes : The sensational beginning for Aafreen.

The trailer for the eagarly awaited suspense-thriller movie 'Blue Eyes' directed by Rajesh Murthy is finally released for public viewing. The movie has already become the talk of the town due to it being a fusion of Romance along with the suspense element. The story is supposed to start with a blooming romance between the lead stars where Actress Aafreen Sidhu is the female lead.

 The story takes an unexpected turn mid way and thats what makes the movie something to definitely watch. It completely fits the 'larger than life cinema' concept which the south indian film industry is super famous for.

The film is believed to have a major number of bold scenes as per the story line. "I am an actor, an artist. I do not see a particular role as a bold role. I see it as a role which excites me and which gives me an opportunity to showcase my talent. I am here to work with honesty and dedicate myself completely to my movies. I am a huge fan of content driven films. I am all time ready to work for any genere", says Aafreen when asked about her role in the movie.


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