Did you know that around 30 per cent of your life is spent working?

Did you know that around 30 per cent of your life is spent working?
Of course, work is an inevitable part of life, but this doesn't mean that it should be boring. Everyone should be looking to carve out a career that excites them, challenges them and allows them to express their creativity and passion every day.

For many, this might not describe your current career, read on to find out how a pilot approached this move.
Pilot by profession and an hotelier by heart, Captain Avinash transformed his dream to reality with “Off-the-gird”, a luxury lounge located in Andheri (west).

Captain Avinash Says “When I was a child, dreaming about being a veterinarian, I believed that my career would be determined by my passions. I thought that whatever made me the happiest would be the way I spent my days.
By the time I got to high school, I was considering business management or marketing—I thought that a substantial pay check would be the most influential factor in my occupational pursuits.
Little did I know that choosing an occupation involved so much more than just passion and pay checks”
I liked to be different, out of the ordinary. I wanted to be myself.
Piloting an airplane gives me a chance to experience the world from above and all the beauty beyond. This beauty can transform a person’s ideas about the world into ideas that the world is a big plane with many differences. It also helps to widen a person’s horizons and help them to look upon the world with an open mind. From the sky, the earth is tranquil, billowing carpet of magnificence, strengthening from horizon to horizon. The view a pilot has in life is different. It is a view from above!
Pilots have unique skill sets that include courage, discipline, and ability to react to pressure along with learning to care for others too. Because not just our life is in our hands but also the passengers life. As the saying goes, “Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude.”
These characteristics are what make Captain Avinash a successful entrepreneur into the hospitality Industry, complementing his personality and work style.
An avid global traveller, Capt. Avinash has always been fascinated by the charms of the vintage era and European country side. He also loves to experiment with local cuisine around the globe and wanted to bring his global experience in the making of “Off-the-grid’. 
With over 4 years of experience in Hospitality Capt. Avinash brings in a refreshing approach to the dining out culture of Mumbai.

Off the Grid (OTG) offers to the town a live performance area, Coffee bistro, Patio, Fine Dine and a Conference area reserved for corporate meets.
It has seemingly been divided into sections, all of them with a unique edge to them. The gorgeous Patio out in front also doubles up as a co-working space up until 5pm.

The place harbours the innovation of using renewable energy sources like the solar energy for cooking. It is the captain’s vision to bring a change in the consumption patterns of energy usage in the world, by starting with OTG.

OTG bar offers its own version of craft beers and cocktails based on modern mixology and a culinary connect which enables customers to pair their food with the right drink

If reading about the place overwhelms you, OTG is open to go and create some memories. A lot of exciting line-ups will be announced soon from live gigs to sun downers to workshops and what not. A place away from chaos, close to mother earth and accessible by very few, OTG welcomes you all off-gridders with open arms to experience the mojo of this amalgamation of lip smacking world cuisine and an aura to die for.


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Did you know that around 30 per cent of your life is spent working?
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