The upcoming Bollywood movie “The Window” Produced by Adamant Pictures

The upcoming Bollywood movie “The Window” Produced by Adamant Pictures, Milestone Creation and Era films Written & Directed by VK Choudhary is all set to release on 10th November 2017 all over the world. A 28 years young director Mr. VK Choudhary debuting from the movie.

 In an interview with Mr. Choudhary, he said “Making a film is like raising a child. You sweat and bleed to give all you could give to your baby. You give all the love and nurture you are capable of. Your baby gives you constant worries, many sleepless nights, and unimaginable amount of fear for its future. It frustrates you, angers you, bothers you, and sometimes makes you cry. It makes you doubt yourself and the choices you made with it. You go through all this... because nothing can come closer to the happiness and fulfillment your baby gives you. Because you lover your baby.

  You do all you can to prepare your baby to go out there in the world and survive. Once your baby grows up and is ready to step out, you can only hope that you did a good job with it and the baby will great out there in the world. If people love your baby and it does great with its life, you feel like an accomplished person. Nothing can give you more joy than the world adoring your kid. But even if your baby does not find it's footing in the world. If it is not as remarkable as you wished it to be, it is ok. Hey, it is still your baby, and you love it more”

 “The Window is a film that I would have liked to watch. And I am also an audience. There are people who like the kind of films that I like. I made this film for myself. But before that, I made this film because I wanted to say something. I was dying inside. I was angry and loathed myself- I still do. This is my expression of what I was feeling. I wanted to express my anger with The Window” Mr Choudhary added.

The window releasing more than 200 screens all over India, The Film has suspense, drama, romance, and a very powerful soundtrack. The soundtrack of the film composed by Vishal J. Singh. Amitkumar Vashishth, Teena Singh, Preeti Sharma is the main start cast of the film.


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The upcoming Bollywood movie “The Window” Produced by Adamant Pictures, Milestone Creation and ...

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