Miss Mermaid World Finals in Egypt: England Laura Siddall takes international seashell crown

Miss Mermaid World Finals in Egypt:

England takes international seashell crown

• Miss Mermaid Contest took place from November 17 – December 03, 2017
• RED SEA HOTELS/ ETI GmbH were hosting event for the 2nd consecutive time
• RED SEA HOTELS CEO pushes Egypt destination Sinai with success event
• 2017 was largest event in Miss Mermaid Contest history

Sharm el Sheikh, December 2017: Swim fast, wear a crown and dream big – the mostbeautiful mermaids from all over the world gave their all for the sparkling battle of the Miss Mermaid World Contest in the Grand Hotel Sharm El Scheikh in Egypt from November 17 – December 03, 2017. In the end, at the award night for the title Miss Mermaid International, he seashell crown went to England with Laura Siddall swimming up on the Mermaid throne, beating first runner-up, French woman Marie Potosniak. Second runner-up was Claudia
Rubner from South Tyrol.

The event presented a chain of highlights – one being the official visit of the Governor of South Sinai Major General Khaled Fouda, who congratulated the Mermaids personally on the successful competition. Combination of beauty contest and sports competition The exciting annual event is a combination of beauty contest and sports competition. This year saw as many mermaids participating as never before, from countries all over the world – making it the largest event in Mermaid history. This year’s competition was again supported
by the leading Egyptian hotel chain RED SEA HOTELS, the tour operator ETI Express Travel international GmbH and the Egyptian Tourist Authority.

Mohamed Abdel Gabbar, Director of the Egyptian Tourist Authority/ Tourism Board for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland, said: “We were happy to support the prestigious Miss Mermaid World Finals again, which took place for the 3rd time in Egypt this year. Egypt is the perfect holiday destination for international top events with close proximity to Europe and a lot of international destinations. Egypt is one of the best hotspots for sports events, fashion shows, model contests or all in one like the Miss Mermaid event. In our land of the Pharaohs, we offer the beauty of nature from the desert to the sea with a fantastic variety of
leisure time activities and world-class hospitality."

Mermaids and the natural wonders of the Red Sea

The global competition led into the deep underwater wonderworld of the Red Sea, famous for the natural beauty of its coral reefs and fish world rich in species, and was an overall trip into
the blue. The mermaids had to complete a demanding 2-weeks contest programme, containing watersports Olympics, reef and distance diving, freediving, mermaid posing, underwater foto shootings, as well as fashion and talent shows. Fins supplier Magictail brought the Mermaid style! Mermaids headquarters Grand Hotel Sharm el Sheikh – five-star luxury

The mermaids’ 2017 headquarters was the Grand Hotel Sharm el Sheikh, which offers five- star luxury at its finest. On a high plateau with fantastic views over the Red Sea and famous Tiran Islands, guests bask in the glorious facilities – including a plethora of restaurants, extensive lush gardens and pool landscapes, as well as a large variety of sports and leisure time facilities, before diving into some of the most beautiful coral reefs with snorkel to hand.

The hotel was an ideal home base for the competition of the sea sirens and the team onsite took great care of the participants.

The celebrity density was higher than last year – actors, djs and models travelled to Egypt to support the mermaids and were fascinated by what the country has to offer. Yes, I do, At the end of the Miss Mermaid World Contest, only one question was left: “Liane will you marry me?” Miss Mermaid organizer William Balser asked for the hand of his partner Liane Wirzberger, who is a presenter at Radio Primavera.

Liane said “YES I DO” in Egypt – all mermaids said “Yes, we do want to come back to Egypt.”


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