Adidas unveils official match ball for FIFA finale


Rio de Janeiro, July 4 : Apparel, hardware and footwear manufacturer Adidas on Friday unveiled the brazuca Final Rio, the official match ball for the final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. 

The ball will be an integral part of the final on July 13 when the top two federations battle it out for a place in history. 

The design of brazuca Final Rio has been inspired by the green and gold on the FIFA World Cup trophy and is a variation of the previously released adidas brazuca Official Match Ball which was launched back in December last year.

In the build-up to the FIFA World Cup, adidas has used brazuca as part of its "all in or nothing" FIFA World Cup campaign and launched @brazuca on Twitter. 

After the launch in December 2013, @brazuca already has over 131,000 followers and has introduced fans to some of the world’s greatest footballers and celebrities including Zinedine Zidane, Cafu, Samuel L Jackson and Hugh Jackman, an official statement said.

 It has even travelled to the Vatican City to meet Pope Francis. 

Fans on twitter have also been able to track the build-up to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil through the eyes of the ball as it travelled the world and offers an alternative take on the game.

Back in December 2013, adidas delivered brazucas to all federations competing in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil in order for all teams to have sufficient time to train with the new balls both in training and competitive matches. 

Since then, the ball has also played a starring role in competitions such as the FIFA Club World Cup, Copa del Rey, MLS, DFB Pokal as well as numerous international friendlies.

Prior to the official launch, brazucaand brazuca Final Rio went through a thorough testing process over a two-and-a-half-year period involving more than 600 of the world’s top players and 30 teams in 10 countries across three continents, making it the most tested ball ever by adidas and ensuring that it is suited to all conditions. 

Clubs involved in testing included AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Palmeiras and Fluminense. Players involved in the process included global football stars Leo Messi, Iker Casillas, Bastian Schweinsteigerand Zinedine Zidane.

The technology incorporated into the bladder and carcass of brazuca and brazuca Final Rio is identical to the Tango 12 (UEFA EURO 2012, Cafusa (FIFA Confederations Cup 2013) and the ever-popular UEFA Champions League Official Match Ball. 

However, a new structural innovation with aunique symmetry of six identical panels alongside a different surface structure will provide improved grip, touch, stability and aerodynamics on the pitch.






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